CIPRATECH software

As mentioned above, Ciptarech offers the possibility to analyze the global probabilistic risk of capital investment by considering the four economical modules at the same time.

In addition, the program allows to make marketing analysis of a specific sector, or to perform a financial analysis of an investment, or to analyze a technology or product as individual stand-alone evaluations, or as a combination of only two or three of the modules.

Other Commercialy available programmes

We have performed a survey of the software presently offered on the market and made a comparison between the Cipratech model and the other major commercial programs and software packages available, that to some extent perform functions similar to those of Cipratech.

There are many other products offered, especially in the USA market, that are specifically designed for investing on bonds, equities, futures, etc. traded in the Stock Exchange.These programs are not comparable to Cipratech and cannot be used for analyzing the risk of investment or credit in SME’s and NTBF’s since they do not cover all the risk aspects which need to be evaluated. The majority of the other programs presently commercialized give a good coverage of the financial risk, some permit to analyze the market or industry sector, but are not addressing the technology and product evaluation of risk.


This preliminary market survey of risk assessment computerized tools presently commercialized has confirmed the belief of the Cipratech Consortium partners that competitors’ products do not cover all the risk aspects to be evaluated when financing a SME or NTBF.

In particular the market and product/technology evaluations are not systematically covered and in the few cases where it is included, the evaluation is performed by comparison against statistical or historical sector data of performance and best practice.

None of the products analyzed uses systematic risk assessment models based on event or fault tree methodology.