The objective of CIPRATECH (Capital Investment Probabilistic Risk Assessment TECHnology) is the transfer of risk evaluation technologies developed for the Nuclear Engineering and industrial sector to the capital investment sector.

The project is co-financed by the European Commission Directorate General XIII in the frame of the 4th Framework Innovation Program.
The technology transfer opportunity is offered by existing software technologies developed and copyrighted by EC-Joint Research Centre (JRC)  and by the U.K. Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) in the engineering/energy sector, and inspired by the interest shown in these technologies by a number of financial partners who are now participating in the Cipratech Consortium.

The aim is to make available better software tools for investors and traders to evaluate Value At Risk (VAR) for venture capital initiatives and for mutual and pension funds management.

The main advantage of Cipratech is the capability to evaluate the global probabilistic risk of a capital investment by considering four different risk aspects at the same time.

  • Marketing analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Company analysis

In addition the program allows to make a marketing analysis of a specific sector, or to perform a financial analysis of an investment, or to analyze a technology or product as individual stand-alone evaluations, or as a combination of only two or three of the modules.

CIPRATECH has been developed by an European Consortium composed by six partners:

  1. JRC: Joint Research Centre is the research center of the European Commission.
  2. DERA: Defence Evaluation and Research Agency is the largest European research organization which has wide experience in the application of advanced computational techniques in the government and defense field.
  3. LT: L.T. Business Consultants.
  4. DBK: is a Spanish market and sectorial analysis organization.
  5. TALDE: is the oldest and one of the most experienced capital risk investment companies in Spain.
  6. ICCREA: is a financial Holding formed by approx.600 Italian small banks, with 2,800 local branches serving the SME sector.