About L.T. Business Consultants

L.T. Business Consultants (LTBC) is an Engineering and Marketing Consulting company created in 1995 by Leonardo Luccardi. It is located in Torrelodones (Madrid - Spain). Since its creation LTBC has been providing services to selected international customers in Europe and USA, including the European Commission LTBC is currently involved in many projects and activities with the European Commission and private companies in Europe and USA.


BUSINESS PARTNERS (conventional & nuclear industries)

LT has been cooperating with the following international commercial customers operating in the nuclear business segment:

AEA Technology Engineering Services, Inc (USA) - Support in the area of marketing and Project Management of high Technology Engineering Services and Decontamination for Nuclear Plants. LT is the representative of AEAT ESI for Spain. For more information about AEAT ESI and its services click HERE or contact us by e-mail

Belgonucleaire, S.A.(Belgium) - Support in the area of marketing and product application for nuclear engineering services in the area of nuclear fuel management Belgonucleaire is the world pioneer and leader in the fabrication of MOX fuel for fast breeders and light water reactors. For more information about Belgonucleaire and its services click HERE or contact us by e-mail

Enwesa Operaciones, S.A. (Spain) - Support in the area of international marketing and product application for nuclear services. Enwesa is providing specialized field services to operating nuclear and conventional power plants. For more information about Enwesa and its services click HERE or contact us by e-mail

Equipos Nucleares S.A. (ENSA) (Spain) - Support in the area of international marketing and contract management. ENSA is among the world leaders in the design and manufacture of nuclear equipment (reactor vessels, steam generators, pressurizers, piping, high-density fuel storage racks, fuel storage and transportation casks, etc.) and services for nuclear and power generation projects. For more information about ENSA click HERE or contact us by e-mail.

Ensa - Auxini - Siemens - Framatome (International Consortium) - LT has provided Project Management support to ENSA - Auxini during the Steam Generators Replacement Project at the Ascó 1&2 Nuclear Power Plant.

Iberdrola, S.A (Spain) - in the area of Marketing and Product Application for the resale to international customers of energy generation equipment belonging to a cancelled nuclear power plant. For more information about BWR and PWR nuclear parts inventory click HERE.

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. (OCE) (USA) – LTBC and OCE have established a partnership with the objective of providing consulting services to European and International customers in the area of structural failures, fire/ explosions, industrial accidents, or other catastrophic failures and expert witness testimony involving such matters. OCE is an Internationally recognized engineering organization with more than 30 years world-wide reputation. For more information about OCE and its services click HERE or contact us by e-mail.

Tecnubel, SA (Belgium) - in the area of nuclear decontamination services, Product Application and Marketing. Tecnubel is providing cleaning, radiological protection, decontamination, dismantling and waste treatment services to nuclear facilities. LT is the representative of Tecnubel for Spain. If your PC can read Microsoft Power Point® files and you wish to obtain more information about Tecnubel services, download the following PRESENTATION. If this is not the case please contact us by e-mail.

Transnubel, SA (Belgium) - in the area of nuclear waste and fuel handling, storage and transportation Product Application and Marketing. Transnubel is specialized in all activities related to the transport of radioactive materials and waste, including design, fabrication, supply and maintenance of packaging for radioactive materials (fresh and spent fuel, waste, activated and contaminated materials).LT is the representative of Transnubel for Spain. For more information about Transnubel services please contact us by e-mail.



LT has been involved in several E.C. programs and projects:

  • Evaluation of tenders for Competitive Support Activities (DG XIII 1996-1997).
  • Evaluation of Technology Transfer and Technology Validation Projects for the Innovation Program (DG XIII 1996-1997-1998)
  • Evaluation of tenders for the European Technology Transfer Network (ETTN) Marketing Study. (DG XIII 1998)
  • Market and Exploitation Study for the Pharmacological and Toxicological Data Centre (PHATOX). (DG XIII and JRC 1999)
  • Demonstration of the potential transferability of an identified cluster of innovative Technologies owned by the Community. Participation in the evaluation panel. (DG JRC-IPTS 1998)
  • Evaluation of the Definition Phase of the Regional Technology Transfer "Recycle" Project. (DG XVI 1997)
  • Assessment of the transferability of "Teleworking" projects from Northern Ireland and Western Isles to other regions of the E.U. (DG XVI 1998)
  • Marketing Study on "Government Regulating Action on Spanish Pharmaceutical Products - Update of ECPHIN" (DG JRC 1997-1998)
  • Consulting services provided to ISIS related to the ETTN in the areas ofMarketing Analysis and selection of Technologies for the pilot program. (1997-1998)
  • Capital Investment Probabilistic Risk Assessment Technology (CIPRATECH) - Innovation Project (1999 - 2000)