International Business Consulting

L.T.  is concerned about your business and it's future. Our multinational and cross-cultural team of experienced and trained professionals are able to support your company in all business aspects and to resolve issues which can be encountered in international trading.

L.T. uses a comprehensive process of assessment that is based on more than 25 years of professional, legal, marketing, and project management experience acquired in multinational companies both in the USA and Europe operating in the construction of Petrochemical and Power Generation plants worldwide.

We can support your company international business operations with a qualified third party review and advice in:

  • Developing a thorough export business plan.
  • Preparing your organization and products for export.
  • Finding the most profitable export markets for your products.
  • Identifying public calls for tender of interest to your company, issued by the European Commission and other European Institutions.
  • Helping in the preparation of international tenders to public and private institutions.
  • Writing your international contracts, marketing, licensing, partnership and consortium agreements.
  • Managing international contracts, projects and claims.
  • Advising in business development negotiations and project implementation, leading or becoming members of project teams.
  • Developing a pricing strategy for your products for the targeted world markets.
  • Selling your products worldwide through the Internet.
  • Performing Data Collection, Information Searches and Market Analyses.
  • Searching financing and venture capital for your international projects.
  • Working with you in the preparation of the Business Plan and other relevant information required by the financing institutions and investors.
  • Advising in the area of Intellectual Property Rights international protection (patents, copyrights, trademarks).
  • Translating business and technical documents to and from English, French, Italian and Spanish.

As a founder member of  the European Consortium "Science and Technology Experts Link Line International Team" (SATELLITE), L.T. can offer highly qualified and multidisciplinary professional consulting services in nearly all the countries of the European Union.